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   R&R Services is a bakery repair and equipment sales company located in Seattle, Washington. We have been servicing all types of bakeries for over twenty years in Washington.

   R&R Services has a well-earned reputation for running a clean and honest business, with prompt service. Guaranteed Work - 24 Hour Emergency Repair - Competitive - Reliable - Likeable; all are hallmarks of our business standards. We have now brought these same qualities that have made us so successful in the Northwest to the world wide web.

   R&R Services is Factory Authorized Service and Sales Representatives of many brands. Our experience includes: Revent, Baxter, Hobart and Lucks ovens, proofers and proofer retarders. We are skilled in servicing all bakery equipment presently used in the industry such as, ABS, LVO, Douglas, Rondo, Hobart, Alvey, AM Manufacturing, Oliver products, FBM, Adamatic, Empire, Dutchess, and many more.

   R&R Services has done many remodels of bakeries such as Albertsons, Haggen, Top Foods, Fred Meyer, as well as equipment installations in many independent bakeries. We sell new, used and rebuilt bakery equipment. We sell a full line of Revent, Baxter, and Lang ovens, proofers and proofer retarders. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.

Mission Statement

  • To provide maximum satisfaction for our customers through thoughtful personalized service, quality products and performance, and an efficient and effective operation.
  • To maintain the highest ethical relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees, and our competitors.
  • To anticipate the future needs of our customers and develop the plans necessary to meet these needs and ensure growth.
  • Family owned and operated, we have been serving customers throughout the Puget sound region for over 20 years.
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